Busting the myths about Wireless Fire


Did you know?
Ziton can offer you an unrivalled Wireless Fire solution.

Reason to not use wireless fire Ziton solution
High battery cost Ziton wireless devices use low cost alkaline batteries with up to 5 years life expectancy, these batteries can be purchased off the shelf from any retailer.
Wireless is only for certain sites EN54 ensures that wireless is every bit as effective and reliable as a wired system and as such suitable for any application
Wireless is difficult to use Exactly the same as any other system
You will have interference and/or loss of signal EN54-25 is stringent in it’s requirements. In addition There are 32 channels (high/low) across 868 MHz – channel hopping & power ramping to eradicate any possibility of interference
Interference from mobile phones, pagers etc. Totally unaffected

Have you considered Conventional wireless?

Try our Conventional Wireless Communicator (CWC)

  • Not protocol specific
  • Provides addressable information at CWC “Zone” at control panel
  • Up to 30 wireless devices of any mix within that zone
  • No special software and easy configuration

Addressable wireless options – hybrid or full wireless.
Loop Design – Radio Loop Module (RLM)

Loop Design – Hub & Cluster

Benefits of Radio Technology

  • Speed of installation – Field devices can be fitted in less than 10 minutes
  • Minimal disruption to business/staff activities
  • The fabric of the building is protected and undamaged
  • Temporary protection easily & quickly implemented
  • Extra devices are simple to add
  • Market & customers favouring “Hybrid” approach
  • Competitive solution

Feel free to contact your local area sales manager to discuss your next fire project, we have wireless survey kits ready to assist you with your next opportunity.



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