See ActivSense Pilot Production Product fire alarm devices at our
IFSEC stand G1300

The innovative ActivSense™ range of enhanced intelligent addressable and conventional fire devices offers advanced features for reliability and peace of mind. Coupled with patented features for ease of installation and maintenance on both new and legacy fire detection systems, it’s a perfect match for exceptional overall performance.

Features include –

  • Every ActivSense addressable device is bilingual; protocol detection is automatic
  • Automatic or manual electronic addressing for 250 addresses
  • Unpowered wireless setup, configuration and reporting
  • Auto setup with multiple selectable environmental profiles
  • 3 Addressing options
  • Configuration in the office (offline) WITHOUT taking the device out of the box
    • Assign the address
    • Set operating parameters
  • Wireless diagnostics using RFID
  • Device statistics (manufacturing date, commissioning date, last service date, configuration, last 15 weeks (last 28 days) of operating data, last events) stored in every device - subset on the RFID tag


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