OnGuard Version 7.3 November 2016


We're excited to release the latest version of the OnGuard system

Featuring support for new web-based apps and native support for mobile credential issuance, OnGuard version 7.3 focuses on the user experience and provides a system that is truly web- and mobile-ready.

Lenel Console

Serving as the new face of OnGuard, the Lenel Console acts as a browser-based ‘launchpad’ for the OnGuard environment. Using a simple, ‘card’ visual, users can access both browser-based and traditional windows based OnGuard applications from this single web page.

OnGuard Credentials Web Module

This new module allows many of your users to have browser-based, installation-free cardholder, badge, and access management for their OnGuard system.

Lenel BlueDiamond Mobile

Lenel will soon have a complete solution for using your smart devices (Android®, IOS, and Apple Watch) to unlock doors. This solution consists of a family of readers (including a module to support existing Weigand readers from any manufacturer), an app for your smart device, mobile credentials (virtual badges) and support in OnGuard 7.3.The Lenel BlueDiamond Mobile solution will be rolled out in phases to various regions, starting with phase 1 early next year for the following countries:


Mobile Credential Issuance

OnGuard is leading the way in the industry trend towards mobile credentials. OnGuard 7.3 allows Mobile Credentials from Lenel, HID, and Allegion to be seamlessly issued to Cardholder’s mobile devices with just a few mouse clicks, avoiding the need for ‘double management’ of credentials.

OnGuard OpenAccess API – Lenel’s New web services API now Available

OnGuard 7.3 marks the commercial availability of the OpenAccess Application Programming Interface (API). Lenel has been using the new API for support of our internally developed web applications through several OnGuard released and it is now available for third-party and in-house use.

Additional Functionality

This release also includes updates to support in the following items:

  • Support for Lenel ACU migration as well as Software House C-Cure to OnGuard
  • OnGuard now offers BACnet integration via the LNL-4420 controller, providing a simple way to connect to building automation systems and the OnGuard environment.
  • Supervised F2F is now supported on specific ‘Standard’ LNL Controllers and Panels • Events are now delivered to Alarm Monitoring when users log directly into the LNL Controllers web pages
  • “Notification of Expiration” events are now generated for OnGuard subscription module and option licenses
  • Intrusion Mask Group – Force Arming via Local I/O

Required updates, Compatibility and Support

  • Some OnGuard subscription software modules must be updates for compatibility with OnGuard 7.3.
  • OnGuard 7.3 requires the new Lenel NVR (LNVR) version 7.3.127. Please refer to the release notes for updates and fixes to this latest recorder.
  • OnGuard 7.3 includes support for the latest operating systems and databases, such as: Windows® 10 (Server Support added in 7.3) and SQL Server 2016.

Language Pack updates

The language packs are included with the release of this version. For detailed information on the multiple updates included please reference the OnGuard 7.3 product memo. You can also download it by visiting the Partner Center portal.

For the software

License updates can be obtained from the secure Lenel Web site with your login

Training Requirements

Certified VARs will need to upgrade their certification by attending a free of charge DL7.3. DL7.3 sessions will be posted in the coming days. Online registrations at:

Best regards,
The Lenel UK/Ireland team