Flame Proof Beam Smoke Detectors June 2017


UTC Fire & Security are pleased to announce the introduction of a new flame proof beam smoke detector (3000-115). This new version replaces the existing FD2010 flame proof beam smoke detector which has been phased out.


New Product code Description  
3000-115 End-to-End Beam Smoke Detector 5 - 100m, Flame Proof
3000-026 Additional Detector Set For End-to-End Beam Smoke Detector 5-100m, Flame Proof

The 3000-115 is an ATEX certified product for use in Group 2 hazardous areas. The product is ideally suited for protection of large areas (up to 1,500m2) against smoking fires in potentially explosive environments.

The intuitive user interface makes it extremely easy to install and use, even by a single operator. The laser assisted alignment method (which is activated at the controller) combined with alignment LEDs, offers visual feedback while setting up.

It is also equipped with light cancellation technology, which enables the unit to operate in challenging light conditions, such as areas lit with fluorescent lighting or sodium lamps. This is achieved by actively monitoring ambient light levels and subtracting this from the ‘real’ signal.

The system comprises of an infrared transmitter and receiver linked with a wall-mounted control unit that can be operated from a safe area. This enables adjustment and testing from a non-hazardous location.

The transmitter head emits a narrow beam of infrared light to the receiver head. When smoke obscures the infrared beam, the receiver’s signal strength falls – an alarm is triggered when the signal drops below a preset level.


The product is designed for use in oil rigs, refineries, ordnance stores and similar premises. It provides an early warning of smouldering or highly smoke generative fires overlooked by flame detectors. The end-to-end beam smoke detector together with a battery backed power supply, can be connected to a zone of a conventional fire alarm control panel or interfaced to an analogue addressable system via an addressable input module or a zone monitoring module.


  • Separate transmitter and receiver unit (Exd certified)
  • Allows for 2 detectors per system controller (Additional detector set: 3000-026)
  • Separate fire and fault relays per detector
  • Range 5 to 100m, configurable per set of detectors
  • Integral laser alignment in receiver
  • Low current consumption
  • 2-wire interface between controller and receiver
  • Remote/low level controller with LCD display (safe area)
  • Programmable sensitivity and fire/fault delays
  • Contamination compensation for dust and building movement
  • Transmitter can be powered from controller
  • Complies with ATEX, IECEx, EN54:12, VdS
  • Light cancellation technology

Old vs. New

Old Product code Description  
FD2010 Beam smoke detector 10 - 100m, flame proof

Below is the comparison and advantages of the new 3000-115 as compared with the old FD2010.

Operating range 10 to 100m 5 to 100m The 3000-115 provides a wider operating range allowing protection of smaller areas.
Detectors per controller 1 2 The 3000-115 system is easily expandable.
Alignment method Manual 2-persons. Need additional digital multimeter or alignment tool to align Manual 1-person. No additional alignment tools needed The 3000-115 is capable of being aligned by a single person with the integrated alignment LEDs. The LCD on the 3000-115 controller displays the signal level without any additional tools.
Visible alignment X Integrated laser in receiver Used for aligning the receiver onto the transmitter, the integrated visible laser on the 3000-115 receiver reduces the alignment time by visibly showing where the receiver is pointing.
Sunlight resistance X Light cancellation technology The 3000-115 measures and compensates for ambient light. Too much ambient light and the system will signal a fault, not a fire.
Response sensitivity 25, 35 & 50% 25 to 60% in 1% increments The 3000-115 can be more accurately configured to the installation environment.
Delay to fire 10 seconds 2 to 30 seconds in 1 second increments The 3000-115 offers improved configuration of the system to the installation environment.
Delay to fault 10 seconds 2 to 30 seconds in 1 second increments The 3000-115 offers improved configuration of the system to the installation environment for events such as beam blockages, dust and steam.
LCD user interface No Yes The 3000-115 allows diagnostics and configuration at the controller at any time.
Routine testing No Yes The remote fire test of the 3000-115 allows the system to be tested from the controller. This minimizes the disruption and increases safety.
Footprint Controller
The 3000-115 controller has a much smaller footprint.

Should you require further information on this or any of our other please contact your UTCFS sales representative.

Philip J Barton
Pre-Sales Manager Fire