Advisor Advanced platform July 2017


Dear Valued Customer,

UTC Fire and Security are pleased to announce a new firmware release for Advisor Advanced control panels MR 4.0. This firmware version supports the UltraSync cloud functionality, offering push messages to the mobile app, and ease of connectivity to remote applications and the Advisor Advanced mobile app.

This new release, MR 4.0, also has resulted in new versions/drivers of our Software management packages, including ATS8500, ATS8550 and ATS8600.

All ATS x500A Advisor Advanced Control Panels (as well as kits), shipped from our European Distribution Centre now contain the latest MR 4.0 firmware.

Any existing ATSx500A panels with previous FW (ie MR2, MR3) cannot be upgraded in the field to the latest MR4.0 We are providing the opportunity to upgrade existing ATSx500A panel PCB’s with the latest firmware, by returning the Panel PCB only for re-work within our EDC warehouse, under an RMA process.

Please contact our Customer Services team if you wish to arrange an update of any Advisor Advanced Panels to latest MR4 firmware.

When does the upgrade procedure begin?

  • The upgrade process will start 3rd July 2017
  • The upgrade process will end 31st December 2017
  • Request for Upgrade from 1st January 2018 will follow the normal repair process, which will be a paid service.
  • The lead time to receive the upgraded PCB back shall be within 4 weeks from the moment of reception of the product in our EDC service center. The same PCB will be returned following the upgrade.

How to return your product?

  • Raise an RMA with your local sales office and request a FW upgrade to MR4.0, and enter “UltraSync FW update” in the RMA Fault description section. 
  • Only non-defective Panel PCBs will be updated.
  • Update will be performed on ATSx500A panels in the state they are received.
  • Please only send back the Panel PCB only and make sure that EOL circuit resistors, wires and plug on boards (such as ATS608, ATS626, ATS7700) are removed.
  • The PCB must be packed with antistatic bubble wrap to protect the PCB during transport. UTC Fire & Security shall not be responsible for damage caused during transport. The PCB shall be updated in the condition the product is received, and any configuration will be removed as the PCB will be restored to factory defaults.

Further information on the Advisor Advanced MR4 release is also available, via the links on the top right hand side of this page.