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TruVision Navigator 7.0 May 2017


We are pleased to announce the immediate availability of TruVision Navigator 7.0, the latest update to TruVision video management software, which brings additional functionality and integrations that will provide you with a more feature-rich and better differentiated video offering.

In this message we cover:

  • New features
  • Enhancements
  • Where to use TruVision Navigator
  • Device support
  • Tools & documentation

New features

  • Integration of TruPortal access control:
    TruPortal panels can be added to TruVision Navigator, events are reported, doors can be added to maps, doors can be unlocked/locked and door events can be linked with cameras.
  • Logical camera view:
    This functionality allows you to group and display cameras in the device tree in whatever way the customer prefers to see them. (examples: cameras per floor, all outdoor cameras, all emergency exits, …). .
  • Discovery and access to IFS switches:
    It is possible to discover IFS switches in the network via the device discovery tool and configure them through TruVision Navigator.
  • Web browser function:
    TruVision Navigator 7.0 contains web browser function support that allows the user to add webpages in the device tree.
    This web browser function gives access to all browser pages such as the configuration pages of TruPortal and the IFS switches, so that TruVision Navigator can be the sole application to configure video, access control and network switches.
  • Support of a USB keypad:
    The TVK-400-USB keypad provides an alternate method of performing PTZ commands as well as navigating the TruVision Navigator user interface. A high level of usability and control can be achieved by connecting this keypad and using it with the Navigator client.
  • Logical event filtering:
    Logical event filtering provides a way to create customized, interdependent notifications from cameras connected to recorders as well as, optionally, doors connected to TruPortal access control systems. Example: you can create a customized event that appears when a face detection event appears and a cross line event.
  • Network statistics:
    For every device in the tree, it is possible to see a graphical representation of the network usage, allowing you to more efficiently monitor the network usage.
  • Server offline mode:
    The Navigator client can now continue to operate in a client/server configuration when the server is offline. However, some configuration options are not available in server offline mode.

Additional new features and enhancements

  • Integrated storage calculator
  • Camera sequence in full screen (via Custom views)
  • Custom views save the information about the use of main/sub stream
  • Notifier filter for events allows to display only events of a certain type
  • Change color of camera icon on map when in alarm or event
  • Pause streams that are not currently visible on a video tab
  • Support for 4K monitors
  • On startup, go to the last configuration.
  • Lock multiview layout so it does not dynamically change.
  • Support for displaying intrusion panel events (for TVN 21, TVR 15HD and TVN 22) in the Notifier.

Where to use TruVision Navigator?

TruVision Navigator is best suited for small or medium scaled as well as multi-site installations where you either actively manage a small amount of cameras with a small amount of operators, or when passively managing a larger amount of cameras with a small amount of operators.

In case of solutions where large camera quantities are being actively managed or monitored by a large amount of users simultaneously it is recommended to work with an UltraView solution.

For more questions on this topic, please reach out to your account manager.

Device support

TruVision Navigator 7.0 provides compatibility with all recent TruVision recorders, encoders and IP cameras.

Recorders that are no longer listed as officially supported on the datasheet (SymDec/SymSafe, DVSRxU, DVMRe, …) can still be connected, but are no longer officially validated in development, and are not officially supported by technical support.

Should customers experience technical issues with such older unsupported recorders in combination with TruVision Navigator 7.0, version 5.0 SP4 is the recommended solution. In case of specific urgent issues/projects where assistance is required on older recorders, please reach out to your account manager.

Tools & documentation

TruVision Navigator 7.0 is available with the following tools and documentation,

  • User manual
  • Release notes document
  • Datasheet
  • Sales presentation (soon to follow)
  • A&E specifications
  • Quick start guide

Should there be any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us directly.

Best regards,
The Milton KeynesTeam