Mouwasat Medical Services Co

Mouwasat Medical Services Co

The origin of Mouwasat dates back to 1974 when its main objective was to manage and operate medical facilities, which started by launching Mouwasat Dispensary in Dammam in 1975. The company then established its first owned comprehensive medical facility in 1984, known as Mouwasat Hospital in Dammam, which commenced operation in 1988. The company is engaged in ownership, management, operation, and maintenance of hospitals, medical centres, medicine warehouses, and pharmacies. Later on, the company was converted from a limited liability into a joint stock company in accordance with the resolution of the Minister of Commerce

Pre-existing situation

After the expansion to their existing buildings in Dammam, Mouwasat Hospital decided to upgrade their previously installed video surveillance system. It was of utmost importance to save their current investment by integrating the new video surveillance system with the existing equipment. They wanted to add new cameras to monitor the new building, the warehouse that was 5 kilometres away, the perimeter and they wanted to replace some of the outdated cameras with new ones. Furthermore, they also wanted to have one single control room instead of the existing three. Soroof, a local UTC Fire & Security business partner, made the site survey and after consulting UTC Fire & Security’s local team, they presented to Mouwasat a suitable solution that could best meet the security management’s specific requirements.

UTC Fire & Security's solution

After some time, Soroof – a local UTC Fire & Security business partner in Khobar – won the job. The provided solution consists of 30 UltraView XP3 cameras, 18 UltraView EVR cameras, 25 TruVision cameras, eight digital video recorders and one network video recorder. Thanks to the hybrid feature of the recorders, Soroof was able to connect the existing old analog cameras and the new IP cameras to Mouwasat Hospital’s existing system, consequently saving the previous investment and providing the required integration. UTC Fire & Security allowed for the consolidation of three separate control rooms into one by implementing the license free, easyto- use and reliable TruVision Navigator video management software.

Mouwasat Hospital has already made plans to integrate the access control system with the video surveillance system in the near future. This solution will then likely become the standard equipment for all other Mouwasat Hospitals in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Mouwasat Hospital plans to standardise on UTC Fire & Security’s equipment